Practice Areas

My practice is focused entirely on defense of criminal charges in state and federal courts. The following types of cases are representative of the kinds of matters I handle. This is not an exclusive list, feel free to call to find out if I can take your case:

Driving While Intoxicated

  • Includes Administrative License Suspension defense and Occupational Licenses
  • Intoxication Assault/Manslaughter

There are now serious financial consequences for even a first-time drunk driving conviction in Texas. These cases should be handled by experienced attorneys who are willing to put in the effort to try to avoid a conviction whenever possible.

Drug Offenses

  • Possession of Marijuana and other Controlled Substances -Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs/Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs


  • Family Violence allegations, including Protective Order defense
  • Aggravated Assault, including serious bodily injury or weapon cases

Juvenile Court

(ages 10-16, misdemeanor and felony charges)
I enjoy working with children accused of misconduct and their families to achieve positive results, including advising on school disciplinary hearings as needed.

White Collar Crime

  • Bank/Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, Conspiracy

If you or someone you care about is under investigation by state or federal law enforcement agencies, they should contact a lawyer who has experience in complex criminal cases as soon as possible to avoid making a bad situation worse. I am happy to provide advice to in-house and outside corporate counsel whose clients or employees may be under such scrutiny.

Sexual Misconduct Allegations

  • Child Sexual Abuse cases
  • Child Pornography possession or distribution
  • Sexual Assault allegations involving people who know each other (“date rape”)

These particularly sensitive and serious cases require the attention of an attorney with experience in these matters. I am happy to consult with family attorneys where these types of allegations come up in divorce or child custody proceedings.


  • Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon (including violations of Concealed Carry laws)
  • Places Weapons Prohibited (carrying a weapon into an airport or other secure facility, even if by accident, will result in a serious felony charge)


Whenever a client’s case is dismissed or the individual is found not guilty, I always advise them to pursue an expunction to clear the arrest from their records. I can also help those who were represented by other counsel who did not offer this service. It may be possible to have the records of a completed Deferred Adjudication probation made non-public as well; feel free to call to discuss these important procedures.